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Who we are

Karibu means“Welcome” in Swahili,  and we are a non-profit 501(c)3 organization serving survivors of sexual and domestic violence since 2019 in Metro Atlanta area. KCL works to ensure that every survivor has resources to meet themselves and their children’s immediate and long-term needs related to physical, legal, emotional, and economic well being.   

Our education, advocacy, and self-sufficiency programs for individuals and families in the metro Atlanta area are provided in a culturally and linguistically appropriate setting.

KCL also provides underserved communities throughout the metro Atlanta area with skills to break cycles of violence.

What we do

Programs and services 

Outreach and prevention education programs 

It is well known that knowledge is power. Therefore, the more we can inform and educate people about sexual and domestic violence, the closer we can get to eliminating it.

 At KCL, we educate and help community members become more aware of cultural influences which contribute to sexual and domestic violence. With our collaboration with community leaders, we try to help prevent violence before it starts. We have trained educators for community education and prevention programs, school programs and more.



Society, at the grass-roots, is gradually becoming aware of how sexual and domestic violence is drastically affecting women and children who are the very backbone of every society. Therefore, pragmatic measures and policies backed by strong advocacy are needed to free those who are silenced.

At KCL, we take advocacy to another level. We ensure that victims and survivors are heard on issues that are important to them and have their views and wishes genuinely considered when important life decisions are made.


Legal advocacy 

Karibu Community Legacy’s Legal Advocates provide support to survivors of sexual and domestic violence as they engage with the criminal or civil legal system. Services include matters involving criminal charges against the batterer, criminal charges against the survivor, obtaining and enforcing personal protection orders, divorce, child custody, landlord/tenant, and other legal matters. Legal Advocates are also available for accompaniment to all court hearings.

Legal Advocacy Services include but are not limited to:

  • Acting as a liaison, an “interpreter” of legal jargon and proceedings, and a personal advocate for survivors in court proceedings. This means explaining unfamiliar legal terms, explaining the legal process, and advocating for certain actions or responses with prosecutors, police, attorneys, and probation officers as requested by the survivors.

  • Accompanying the survivor to court proceedings within Metro Atlanta

  • Helping clients file for crime victims’ compensation and preparing applications for Personal Protection Orders

  • Providing technical assistance to police, prosecutors, judges, probation officers, and/or attorneys (consistent with confidentiality) regarding the dynamics of domestic violence and sexual assault, safety planning, etc.

  • Discussing how the victim is feeling and provide referrals to other community resources.

Please note, our Legal Advocates do not act as attorneys for survivors and are not able to provide legal advice. Legal Advocates, however, are available to survivors to discuss their legal rights, the legal process, possible outcomes, and to provide information that will help survivors make informed decisions about whether to engage in the court process.



Survivors are often told things by their abusers such as they’re useless, worthless or horrible. Over time, a survivor starts to think that it’s true. Therefore, at KCL we focus on empowering our clients since empowerment can help them break the cycle by giving them back control.

We also offer career counseling, including interview training, job search skills, networking, and resume assistance.

Other services 

  • Crisis intervention

  • Counseling Services

  • Information and referral

  • Transportation

  • Shelter placement

  • Support groups

Translation and interpretation: KCL provides assistance to clients with limited English proficiency. Our staff can directly help clients who speak the following languages: Spanish, Amharic, French, Swahili, Kirundi, Arabic, Kinyarwanda, Tigrinya, Bengali, Urdu and Hindi.


Staff & Directors


  • Prisca Uwigabye,         -Founder/Executive Director

  • William E. Hoffmann   -Chairperson 

  • Andretta Ligé               -Director

  • Tracie L. Klinke             -Director 

  • Olivia Mugenga           -Director/ Legal Services

  • Delphine Mucyo          -Counseling Services

  • Thanh Le                       -Director of Programs

  • Pretty Mbali                  - Education Program

  • Liza Fred                       - CLEAR Program

  • Diane Ingabire             - Education  Program


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